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The information on this page relates to students who will be graduating from school in 2018 and 2019, i.e. current Year 11 and 12 students. For information about the new QCE system starting with Year 11 students in 2019, visit the QCAA website.

Field Positions (FPs) are calculated when you are eligible for an Overall Position (OP). They are used by tertiary institutions to differentiate between students with the same OP when the number of places available in a course is limited.

While most students are likely to be selected for a course without using FPs, it is a good idea to make sure you qualify for the FPs that may be used in the final selection phase of your preferred course. You can find out what these are each year on the QTAC website.

What are FPs?

FPs are your rank order positions from 1 (highest) to 10 (lowest), based on your overall achievement in Authority subjects, in up to five fields.

The word "field" refers to areas of emphasis in the senior curriculum. There are five fields:

  • Field A — extended written expression involving complex analysis and synthesis of ideas
  • Field B — short written communication involving reading, comprehension and expression in English or a foreign language
  • Field C — basic numeracy involving simple calculations and graphical and tabular interpretation
  • Field D — solving complex problems involving mathematical symbols and abstractions
  • Field E — substantial practical performance involving physical or creative arts and expressive skills.

Depending on your subject choices, you may receive up to 5 FPs.

The extent to which a subject contributes to each FP depends on the weighting of that subject. Although subjects do not contribute equally to FPs, most subjects contribute at least some weight to some fields.

The QCAA distributes the table of subject weights for FPs to schools each year. Your teachers/school guidance officers can help you establish your field eligibility.

How are FPs calculated?

Your FPs are determined by how well you perform in your senior studies compared with all other OP-eligible students in Queensland. They are not determined by the school you attend.

School and subject-group data from the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test are used as part of a statistical scaling process that enables the QCAA to make a fair and equitable comparison of the performance of students across Queensland.

Your individual QCS Test result does not determine your FPs.

When will I find out my FPs?

On completion of Year 12, if you are OP-eligible, you will receive a Tertiary Entrance Statement as part of your Senior Education Profile. Your Tertiary Entrance Statement will list your OP and FPs.

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Last updated: 15-Feb-2018