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Marist College, Ashgrove

Mitch Bruce

Sharing his knowledge with others is helping Mitch Bruce work towards his future career.

With a flair for mathematics, Mitch is working as a tutor while studying a Bachelor of Business/Law at QUT.

As well as private tutoring, he works with groups of students at his former school, Marist College Ashgrove.

‘Tutoring offers great flexibility with my timetable and I enjoy being busy,’ Mitch said.

‘I’ve always loved maths and helping others to learn is very rewarding.

‘My teachers were very dedicated, so it’s great to make a difference by passing on their knowledge to others.’

While he’s only in his first year at university, Mitch hopes to become a lawyer.

‘It’s still early days, but I’m looking at an internship next year to decide if it’s really the career for me,’ he said.

‘I wasn’t one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted to do after school, so choosing what to study wasn’t easy.

‘Legal Studies was a favourite subject at school. I found it interesting and the assessment suited my analytical style of writing.

‘If you have a genuine interest, it’s easier to put the effort in and do well.’

Mitch’s advice for school leavers: Year 12 is difficult, but if you’ve put in the effort you can look back and feel proud.

Subjects: Chemistry, English, French, Legal Studies, Mathematics B, Study of Religion
Career goal: To become a lawyer.

Last updated: 04-Dec-2017